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Black swallowtail

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Black swallowtail
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These are photos of The Black Swallowtail project.  Which included lead work, copperfoil work, glass plating (or layering),  a lot of hole drilling, and wire overlays.  Made with Bullseye, Uroboros, and Lins Glass.  Some rebar was added to the back. 
It measures  W 31" x H 36" with the added border.
Click the pictures for an enlarged view.



The picture will hang in a lighted frame on the wall.
Bullseye glass used for the butterfly was a very dark blue, ( the other lighter blue is Lins glass).
The Bullseye shows up black in the photos here, but in a very bright light it shows the dark blue. 
I'm not sure of the Bullseye part number, but they called it "Aventurine Blue". 
It has a slight metallic sparkle to it.


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